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4 Tips to Survive the Post-Holiday Chargeback Season with Card Not Present

  • The 2017 holiday season held a significant projection of a 16.6% increase in e-commerce sales. Great, right! While this was greatly talked about, a less known fact is that holidays sales create an increase of up to 30-50% in your chargebacks in early 2018. As your sales return to non-holiday norms, this can pack a heavy punch. Not only will your chargeback rate be inflated, but the impact to your Q1 bottom line will be too. If your chargeback response team hasn’t grown, they also might be overwhelmed, which will lead to a decrease in your typical win rate. Without proper preparation, this spike in holiday sales can actually put Q1 in a tough place. This article provides some key tips on how to mitigate this risk and reduce overall loss in Q1.

Scaling Chargeback Management Webinar with Sift Science

  • Chargebacks continue to be a top pain point for online merchants. Many companies have dedicated people or even teams to handle this ever-growing issue. This webinar will cover key strategies for combating chargebacks and give practical tips on how to scale chargeback operations at your company.

[Podcast] The Great Holiday Fraud Prevention Roundtable

  • Life-saving tips on how to prepare for the holidays. Learn what to expect, when to expect it, and how to start prepping your team.

[Podcast] How-To: Building an International, Dynamic Fraud Team

  • In this episode of Trust & Safety in Numbers, Kevin Lee sits down with Courtney to discuss strategies for success in the changing fraud landscape.

Holiday Fraud Prevention: 7 Tips From the Pros

  • Is anyone ever really ready for the holidays? It’s hard enough to keep up as a shopper, but if you also work in e-commerce fraud prevention, you know you’re guaranteed a crazy ride. To help you navigate the seasonal rush, we crowdsourced some expert strategies from fraud and risk experts who’ve already logged a few seasons in the holiday trenches

Wanelo // Sift Science Case Study

  • Using products like Sift Science to help fight fraud can have a dramatic, and almost immediate impact. For data on how Sift helped me implement a new strategy, check out their case study!