Chargeback & Fraud Prevention Series Overview

A quick table of contents to show where this series is headed and link to articles already available.

Intro: Foundational steps for building a customized fraud strategy

Understanding and responding to chargebacks

  1. Understanding your Chargebacks
  2. How to build a Chargeback Response
  3. Collecting the right data to support your Chargeback response team

Preventing chargebacks

  1. Is it a service/product issue, friendly fraud, or malicious fraud?
  2. Fixing service issues: How good customer Support helps with chargebacks
  3. Fixing product issues: Fix product issues and inspire change
  4. Reducing friendly and malicious fraud
  5. Should I outsource my fraud prevention?
  6. The basic skeleton for building an internal fraud prevention system
  7. Building a Fraud Prevention Manual Review Queue
  8. Building a manual order review process with a focus on keeping an Order Decline Rate under 2%

Bonus material

  1. Holidays are here and my manual review queue exploded! Help!
  2. Chargeback Response Templates (TBD)
  3. Chargeback Analysis Templates (TBD)