At Ops Tales, we redesign and rebuild your business operations at up to 80% lower costs. We do this by building a strong, scalable process and hiring talented agents out of the Philippines. We provide on-going team management with weekly key performance metrics review.

From redesigning the teams, building the processes, to the on-going management, quality is our top concern. We want to take away the stress and financial costs of business operations so that you can focus on growing your business.

While we can rework just about any process, our favorites include:

Customer Support

Vendor Management

Data Entry

Fraud Prevention: Technical Chargeback Response

What does this actually look like?

Well we start with observations through shadowing to understand your current process. We find the area of the current process that can be optimized. We build a redesigned process model, create training materials, and isolate Key Performance Metrics for the new process. We begin hiring new agents with the necessary skills and train them alongside your current team. Once the new agents are performing, you take your current team and transition them to new roles.